Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soulutions for daily living

If you're looking for a little time away by yourself or with a friend with the same frequency then you must MUST check out this tiny little store that's filled with soulful magic. It's just one of those hidden gems that's packed with so much soulishous product. They have books, cds, crystals, essential oils, they also serve the public with services such as healing modalities. Group sessions are also a key component in the store. When I found this store by accident several years ago, I had no idea that I would be so drawn to it for the shere feeling of bliss everytime I would come to visit it. It has such a high vibrational frequency. I'm going to get their essential oil therapy done as I feel like my chakras are off balance...and I feel really really feel me? I will write about my experience with the essential oil lady on my next blog. You gotta go out and check this neat store...they got drums, candles, tarot cards, angel cards, healing stones, t-shirts...etc.  they also have a labryinth you can walk outside in the back yard...included in the store is a small meditation if you wanna just sit with a product or a thought or two or maybe even can, and they won't kick you out for looking like a new age hippie :) check out their website soulutions for daily living...oooh and for those of you into numbers and signs get this : when you purchase a product they take the numbers of your total bill and show a book on numbers and it gives a message just for YOU based on your bill...of course when I bought my bill came to 11:11...and for those of you who know me...know !!! Happy soul surfing babies of the new world...:D love, love, love...xoxoxo till next time...

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