Saturday, August 6, 2011

How many breaths are you saving up?

So we are all familiar with savings accounts for dollars. But do you know how to save your life energy? Are you aware that in this lifetime you are only given a certain number of breaths? The good news is that you only have to slow down your breathing in order to save the breaths (prana - energy). It's one reason that our turtles live so long, and dogs live shorter lives due to their constant panting and losing of prana (energy). There is a technique that can help you learn the more conscious way to breathe and it comes from my Motherland India (I love my It is called Pranayama, meaning the extension of the life force. Of course we cannot evade the inevitable which ultimately we all will face one day (liberation from earthly bondage)...but why not give ourselves the opportunity and luxury to live this life in this body to the fullest potential that it was designed for! So fellow human and soul Fill up on's totally free and literally within you! If you don't want to be bothered by the technical form of Pranayama (google it for deeper meaning, you should it's really worth the investment of time on this topic) here's a simple technique that will help allow you to maintain the reserves of your Prana and keep you calm and cool : find a quiet spot, maintain a straight spine and totally just sit with the breath and let it breathe you...observe the breath rolling up and down your spine like an elevator, see if you can lengthen the gap between inhale and exhale for a couple of more breaths...and VOILA! you've tapped into your Prana. Do this everyday to your level of comfort, and if you feel like taking it to the next level...check out your local yoga center for a teacher who specializes in Pranayama. You will be adding more breaths to your soul's preservation of Prana and the extra perks on your Prana savings account are: feeling fresh, young,vibrant and a sense of peaceful calm. Some may even get into the experience of meditation and stress relief not to mention the rejuvenation of your blood. Yep! you know it, we have been equipped with everything possible to live this life most abundantly in every why not tap in and allow your soul to shine through!!! Ok, babies of the New World...till next time.